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As part of the information gathering process this agency may use the services of Online Direct Ltd. Online Direct Ltd are not an energy broker but process contracts on behalf of this agency and can issue termination as well as obtaining information about an account. By signing this agreement you authorise Online Direct to access the information detailed below to support in the processing of your contract.

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LOA Terms
By filling out this form you appoint Energy Genie to act on your behalf for the purpose of arranging our gas and /or electricity supply. Don’t worry, you are under NO obligation to accept any price quotation that we may offer.

To help us get the best energy rates specifically for your business you hereby give authorisation that Energy Genie can;
• Access industry held data including consumptions, contract end dates, metering information, issue termination notices should the need arise and opt out of future contract renewals on our behalf.
• Contact our current supplier to resolve any issues arising. Therefore they can request all billing information and authorise any adjustments, refunds or billing amendments.
• Raise and deal with complaints on our behalf to a satisfactory resolution. (The supplier will notify the customer if a complaint is raised on the account and confirm when this has been resolved).

Please note by signing this LOA you are confirming you have the authority to agree to a credit check being carried out on the above named business. You also agree that where you have confirmed that you are a director, partner or owner of the above named business, you are agreeing to a personal credit check.

We will accept this LOA which is effective from the date below and which remains valid for a period of 12 months from this date. Please also note that this LOA supersedes all previous LOAs.